Benefits of Eating Chocolate During Pregnancy

It is good news for the pregnant women. They can eat chocolate and bring many benefits not only to themselves but also their unborn babies. Researchers around the world have found chocolate to do a lot of good things to pregnant women. If you are just wondering how this is possible, here are benefits of eating chocolate during pregnancy:



Chocolate make babies happy


A study conducted on 300 women in Finland found that the women who regularly ate chocolate gave birth to babies who were happier than those who never ate chocolate. There are ingredients in chocolate that affect babies’ behavior in good ways.


Black chocolate prevents heart diseases


With pregnancy, women increase their danger of getting heart diseases. But not if they eat dark chocolate. It is has been found that dark chocolate has the properties to lower heart disease risks by almost 50 per cent. Antioxidants present in dark chocolate are associated with these properties. The darker the chocolate, the better it is for reducing chances for heart conditions and diseases.


Chocolate help in reducing stress


Chocolate helps pregnant women relax. It gives them a comforting feeling and this is good for fighting stress. With such a feeling, women can knock down any kind of stress and stay healthy for the entire pregnancy.


Good for weight


It is during pregnancy that many women gain unwanted weight. Finding ways to shed it down is a big problem since pregnant women are not in a good shape to exercise. Dark chocolate has been found to be the magical help when it comes to keeping tabs on weight during pregnancy. It increases the amount of good cholesterol in the body. This is a perfect condition to help with keeping weight at the acceptable levels.



Contains both iron and magnesium


During pregnancy, both iron and magnesium are important to the health of the baby and mother. Chocolate contains both at adequate quantities. Women eating chocolate on a regular basis, women will have both these minerals and other crucial nutrients.


Helps in blood pressure regulation


Cocoa contains theobromine, which has been found to regulate blood pressure in pregnant women. It does this by helping with dilation of blood vessels.


Prevents pre-eclampsia


One of the most common causes of premature births is pre-eclampsia. It claims many lives when it is not dealt with at the right time and way. It is associated with high blood pressure and if unchecked it can lead to convulsions and liver damage. Dark chocolate could be the perfect solution to counter this. A study from Yale University established that women who took dark chocolate more often were at 50 per cent less risk of pre-eclampsia.


Chocolate contains good antioxidants


Flavonoids in chocolate are rich in helpful antioxidants. These antioxidants are known to improve immunity against a wide range of diseases and conditions.


You see, chocolate is not all that bad for pregnant women. It has many benefits. However, it should be eaten with moderation since excessive consumption may lead to adverse consequences. Just a small piece each day is enough to give you all these benefits.

Psychological effects of children being bullied

Everyone has been there; bullying is like rite of passage to every child. You get kicked while you are on your way to lunch, you are harassed at your locker and someone wants you to be on their call and beck. There so many ways children get bullied and to some it has become like a normal thing.



No, it is not normal. Not if you look at the psychological effects of children being bullied. There is so much bad that comes from bullying and you should know the ugly that may be a lasting impact on your children.


1. Depression:


being always the target of a bully is not an easy designation to live with. The child will be depressed since everyday in school or wherever he/she gets bullied is like a living hell. The bad news is that this is not going to stop once the bullying stops; it finds a way to show itself even in adulthood. The child will not get good sleep, eating will become a problem and all these lead to bad health both in the short term and long term.


2. Anxiety:


the first intention of bullying is to instill fear in the bullied. The long term effect is that anxiety crops in and it becomes part of your child’s life. He/she will not only be afraid of the bully but also you. Everyone who seems to be older or physically bigger will be an anxiety trigger. It will be extremely difficult for your children to do or face even the smallest task since anxiety will have gotten better of them. To fight anxiety is totally a different kind of war and if it came from bullying then you may have a harder time to uproot it from your child.


3. Low self-esteem:


being the target of bullies is not one of the best things to happen to your child. He/she feels inferior and like the rest of his/her peers are better ion almost everything. A sense of low esteem grows within and that will be a limiting factor to whoever your child thought of becoming. It will be extremely difficult for the child to believe in himself/herself since before others he/she is inferior. You will see the effect of low esteem in their academic performance. It, academic performance, will drop and even they used to top the class things will start to go down south. This does not stop at childhood but finds a way to show even at adult age.



4. Inability to form friendships:


being bullied is like being declared that you are not fit in the company of your peers. This has an effect that the child will find it hard to trust friends. As such, it will be an unbearable task for them to form friendships. They cannot trust anyone since they feel that they do not belong to the group. In the long term this turns your child to be introverted even if in reality they were not born as such. Even to keep a boyfriend or a girlfriend will be difficult.


5. A feeling of loneliness:


being cast away from his/her peers by being bullied is hard to take. The child will feel lonely and see that no one cares about them. This is called withdrawal syndrome. Not everyone will be bullying them but it becomes like everyone is against them. The final result of this is resorting into solitude. Walking down this path is dangerous and your
child may be a lonely person for the rest of his/her life.


6. Loss of trust in almost everyone:


trust is built in a child right from a tender age. Bullying only comes to destroy such trust that a child has in others. He/she will not only lose trust in the bullies but it may as well extent to you as a parent and the society as whole. Trust is hard to come by and a child may struggle for long before they learn to trust again.


Bullying has never been good to anyone. It causes long lasting psychological effects and should not be tolerated. Everyone deserves to be at their best but bullying tends to crown the best in your child. It all starts with good parenting and we never have to talk about bullying.

Guide into Enlarged Prostate and Elements Therein

There are several terms used to refer to an enlarged prostate. The most common name is benign prostate hyperplasia which is abbreviated simply as BPH. This condition affects most men as they grow older. In essence, over 50% of men will have BPH by the time they are 60 years old. By the elderly age of 90, about 90% of all men will have an enlarged prostate. So what exactly are the causes and symptoms? Are there treatments available? Below is an insight in this regard.



Before delving deeper into the main symptoms, it is good to have a clear understanding of what the prostate is. This is a gland found in men and is located right between the bladder and the penis. It is this gland that is involved in the production of semen components.To this effect, when this gland becomes larger, it will place some pressure on the bladder; the result being some of the following symptoms. Men will often suffer a slow urinary stream which can be weak in many instances. People will also complain about feeling as though they never fully empty their urine. The initial start of urination can also prove very hard.

The frequency of urination also becomes high coupled with an urgency to go. In the night, men with an enlarged prostate will find that they must visit the bathroom to find relief. Strain while urinating is yet another symptom worth noting. The stream can suddenly stop or after one is done, some urine might continue to leak. In this regard, there are so many difficulties around urinating. All these signs are as a result of strained muscles owing to the pressure put on the bladder. When this problem continues for a long time without being treated, more serious symptoms might come up. First, owing to the inability to clear all the urine, infection can occur. Blood in urine and pain are common when there are infections. Bladder stones and kidney problems are other symptoms that can develop from BPH.


It is not very clear on the exact reasons that cause an enlarged prostate. However, medical experts have linked this condition with the hormonal changes that men face as they grow older. Other studies have found that diabetes and high blood pressure are some of the risk factors when it comes to BPH. However, these conditions are also associated with the aging process. Some people think that this condition is an indicator that men will suffer from cancer; but this is not the case. It is vital to have proper evaluation to determine whether you have a benign enlargement or not.


There are many treatment options that men can consider when they are faced with this problem. First though, it is pivotal to have a proper diagnosis. Once it is determined that the condition is BPH, there are several factors that should give people a clue on the right treatment. Size of the gland, age and overall health are the major considerations. Many treatments will seek to treat the symptoms so that relief can be gotten. Other treatments are invasive; for example surgery to remove the enlarged prostate. Your health care provider should give you an informed way forward after determining what is ideal for you. Sometimes, the treatments are given in the hope that symptoms will reduce; and when that does not work, more effective options are considered.

Alpha blockers are the most common medications used. This treatment will work to shrink the enlargement and relieve symptoms.
This treatment works by relaxing the muscles around the bladder to ensure that the flow of urine is not inhibited. It is wise to know some of the side effects if any; a qualified doctor should be in a position to explain this to the patient accordingly. With proper management of the condition, men can live a very productive life even as they age. This condition does not have to affect the sexual performance or confidence of any man. The treatments work effectively when followed well.

Some people will consider herbal therapies for this condition. Among others, palmetto and pygeum are commonly used and can be bought without prescriptions. Beta-sitosterol is another common herb that has been used as an alternative treatment to an enlarged prostate.

Immense Benefits of being in Top 3 Organic Search Results on Google

There are several benefits of being in top 3 organic search results on Google. Google attracts million of web users who visit the site conduct numerous searches every day. Business entities that rank highly in Google search have high competitive edge and a viable business opportunity across the web interface.





Search Results Benefits


The following are some of the top benefits of ranking highly on Google organic search:


1. Brand Awareness

Ranking highly leads to a positive brand image. Brand awareness online is an essential element in building and maintaining a credible reputation and trust of the business products and the business itself.

2. Reduced Marketing Budget


Companies or products that rank highly on Google platform do not require intensive marketing and at the same time spending tons of money in their traditional marketing strategy.


3. Competitive advantage


Ranking highly helps a business to have a competitive edge over other companies including well-established entities. Customers tend to take companies or products with high Google organic ranking seriously in comparison to those that ranks low.

It is important to comprehend that approximately 80% of Google visitors do not scroll past the first page. Hence, benefits of being in the top 3 organic search results on Google are based on facts, not assumptions.


4. Better User Experience


User experience scores highly when it comes to SEO ranking. Therefore, it is important to configure the design of the website to be user-friendly for mobile users, user signals should be right, photos and videos should be integrated in such a way that they make sense to the user visiting the site.


5. Chances of Closing a Sale is Higher than Outbound Leads


According to research, marketers can effectively use SEO leads to close more sales compared to outbound leads. Therefore, being number three in Google search engine, you are in a better position to get more leads which if used effectively will lead to closing sales.


6. Local Search Advantage


With technological advancement, more people are using local search queries to identify businesses that are within their locality. According to research, customers carry out the search and then visit the store within a day. What this means for a small business venture whose customers are in a certain locality is to optimize their site for local search. Carrying out the optimization will lead to more sales and customer visit to your store.


7. Marketers Rank SEO Highly


Marketers world over have come to one conclusion; SEO ranking is the most efficient way to market their goods and services. The same sentiments are shared by market research firms from all over the world. Therefore, as a business owner, you have irrefutable proof that you cannot go wrong with SEO ranking.


8. Credibility


Changing trends in the marketing circles show that before customers make a purchase, they first of all search for it online mostly using their mobile phones. Although, there is a small percentage of clients who use their laptops and PCs to find items online. As such, they make a decision on whether to purchase the product or not based on their perception and customer ratings.

As a business that ranks top three in organic search results on Google, you are in a better position to be perceived positively. Therefore, use SEO ranking to build brand credibility.


Saves You the Hassle


Most companies use social media and email marketing to generate leads for their businesses. One has to put continuously in a lot of effort regarding developing new content which is time-consuming and requires one to invest heavily regarding money. But, with SEO optimization, you can sit back and relax as the rankings continue soaring.

Being on Other Page Result Spells Doom to Your Brand


The world has become more stressful and very competitive, as such, customers do not have the patience to Google through other pages to find what they are looking for. Therefore, a brand that appears on other pages other than the first page has a lower visibility advantage. Hence as a brand that is looking to have a presence in Google search result, optimize the results of your brand to appear in the top three organic search results on Google.


In conclusion, it is paramount to note that most customers search for a product online before going to the store. Therefore, ensure that your site is SEO optimized to be in the top 3 organic search results on Google.

Breast Reduction Surgery

Women opt for breast reduction surgery


for a variety of reasons, including chronic pain, under-breast rashes, deep grooves from bra-strap pressure and poor posture. Breast size can impede the level of activity so that exercising is difficult or downright painful. Social stigma may also be an incentive to have surgery. Fashionable clothes may not fit right and women with large breasts are sometimes the brunt of cruel jokes, leading to low self-esteem.



Breast reduction surgery


can be performed at any age, even as young as the teenage years. Caution is advised, though, because it may not be possible to breastfeed after reduction surgery. Additionally, breast size may change after giving birth, so often the best course of action is to wait until you have your children and don’t plan on having more after you have the surgery.


At your first appointment with a plastic surgeon, you’ll talk about what breast size you expect to have and what your breasts will look like as well as realistic benefits and potential issues. Your doctor will evaluate your medical history and general health, examine and measure your breasts and take photographs for your medical records.


Breast reduction surgery


is often considered a necessary procedure and will likely be covered by your insurance plan; it can include removal of implants as well as removing unwanted fat, skin and glandular tissue. The doctor’s office can contact your insurance company to confirm what they’ll cover – some companies require that a minimum of four pounds will be removed from each breast before they’ll agree to cover the procedure.


General surgical


concerns need to be taken into consideration, like any potential allergic reactions to anesthesia or products used in the procedure. Lab tests will be completed before the surgery, including a baseline mammogram.


If you smoke, you should quit well before your surgery date. You should also stop taking aspirin, any anti-inflammatory drugs and herbal supplements about a week or two before surgery. Some herbs and other medicines can hamper your recovery. Your doctor will give you a complete list of medicines to avoid. Make sure to let your doctor know what vitamins and herbs you take, it could make a difference. Your doctor will perform the surgery just as the two of you discussed. You should already have a good knowledge of the type of incisions to be made, how much tissue will be removed and what to expect for the end result.


After surgery, your breasts will be bandaged and you’ll likely have drainage tubes in place to remove any excess body fluids that might impede healing. The bulbs at the end of the drainage tubes will need to be emptied, as necessary, until the doctor removes them a few days later.


You’ll be going home with a list of instructions from the doctor, don’t just put them on the counter and forget them. They’re excellent instructions to help you get better faster, read them!


It is common for insurance companies to require that a certain amount of breast tissue be removed from each breast in order for your breast reduction to be considered medically necessary. The breast tissue weight to be removed (for insurance approval) is determined based on your height and weight, but often this weight requirement is in conflict with a woman’s aesthetic goals. Insurance companies are not concerned with the way you look, despite the well-known fact that physical appearance can have an impact on quality of life. Despite medical literature proving that breast reduction surgery improves a woman’s quality of life regardless of the weight of tissue removed (Spector & Karp, 2007), a recent report by Koltz, Frey and Langstein (2013) revealed that 86 percent of surveyed insurance providers still use a chart based on the 1991 Schnur Sliding Scale that compares a woman’s motivation for breast reduction and her weight.


Famous Contemporary Art Sculptors




Sculptors are artists who make three-dimensional pieces of art using such materials like metal,stone, glass, Plaster of Paris, wood and marble. The most important tool used by a sculptor is the chisel, which carves an object into the desired shape. The methods and styles used by sculptors vary with the artist; one sculptor may specialize in life-sized statues while another one may prefer to carve small wooden statues. Sculpting involves precision, dexterousness and top-notch artistry. You also need to work extremely hard and have a lot of determination.


Sculpting has been used by mankind as a mode of artistic expression from the prehistoric times. The art has undergone though various stages, from the Romanesque and Greek styles to the medieval, renaissance and modern styles. Here are two of the most famous contemporary art sculptors of our time:


Jeff Koons


Born in 1955 in Pennsylvania, Jeff Koons studied at Art Institute of Chicago, the Maryland Institute College of Art and Washington’s Corcoran College of Art and Design. His first exhibition was done in 1980 and showcased an artistic style that meshed pop, craft and conceptual styles to produce a distinct method of expression.


Currently, he operates his own design studio in New York, and he uses computer-aided design and hired technicians to give life to his ideas. His work is often unconventional, often featuring controversial subjects like gender, race, fame and sex. The pieces come to life in the form of inflatable toys, bronzed sporting items and balloons. Koons has a knack of transforming simple objects and giving them a new and stunning psychological aspect-often changing their scale and color to give them new meaning. His artistic pieces have become synonymous with modern mass culture. Some of his center piece works include a balloon dog fashioned from polished steel and a gold ceramic statue of Michael Jackson holding Bubbles, his pet chimpanzee.


Jeff has won several awards including the Skowhegan Medal for Sculpture (in 2002) and Americans for the Arts’ Artistic Achievement Award(in 2006). His work has been shown in leading museums such as the Whitney Museum of American Art.


Kiki Smith


Born in 1954 in the city of Nuremberg, Germany, Kiki Smith was the daughter of Tony Smith, an American sculptor. She grew up in New Jersey, where she got exposed to sculpting when making cardboard models for her father’s geometric sculptures. The experience of working with formalist systems coupled with her Catholic upbringing would later come to greatly influence her prints, drawings and sculptures.


Unlike her father who majored in non-figurative and abstract sculptures, Kiki chose to focus on human anatomy and nature.Her artistic pieces in the 80’s mainly featured specific parts of the body namely: the pelvis, hands, digestive system and liver. She used various materials like ceramics, cloth and paper to show the vulnerability and mystique of the human body. In the 90’s she started to create full human figures, using beeswax to accentuate the aspect of human flesh. For Kiki, the body stood for the tribulations and passions of life. Her sculptures sparked new interest in expressionism and emotive sculpture.


In 2005, Kiki got elected to the American Academy of Arts and Letters. Her work has featured in such leading museum collections as New York’s Museum of Modern Art and Whitney Museum of American Art. She has won various art awards including the Skowhegan Medal for Sculpture (in 2000) and the Edward MacDowell Medal (in 2009).